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Kevin Kwan Loucks (CEO of CMA) with Stephanie Griffin (ED of ACMP)

ACMP and CMA: Partners in chamber music!

Chamber Music America (CMA) and ACMP are finding new ways to support one another in our shared mission of supporting the field of chamber music worldwide.

ACMP’s Board Chair, Richard Weinert and I had a friendly and productive meeting with CMA’s new CEO, Kevin Kwan Loucks in December 2021, at which we discussed a number of exciting opportunities for collaborations between our respective organizations. Kevin truly understands the importance of amateur chamber musicians to the professional chamber music world, and Richard and I are firmly committed to fostering positive connections between amateur and professional chamber music players.

This Spring, for the first time in our organizations’ histories, CMA and ACMP are joining forces on our printed workshop directories. Many ACMP members have been missing the print version of the ACMP Workshop Guide, which we discontinued in the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In the spirit of collaborative chamber music – ACMP will promote its searchable online workshop directory to members of CMA and CMA has allowed ACMP to solicit listings from our community of workshop organizers for inclusion in its printed 2022 Directory of Festivals, Schools and Workshops. This Directory is not a stand-alone publication; it is embedded in the Spring issue of Chamber Music Magazine. CMA’s directory is a bit different from ACMP’s former printed workshop guide in that its focus is primarily for the summer festival season, with some listings for events in the early Fall. Despite its name, Chamber Music America does indeed have members outside the USA, and ACMP’s participation in its directory will bolster its international content.

Traditionally, Chamber Music Magazine has been an exclusive member benefit for the many professional chamber musicians, ensembles, composers and presenters in the CMA community. As part of this exciting new initiative, however, CMA is inviting ACMP members to subscribe to all four issues of the magazine or to simply purchase the Spring issue of Chamber Music Magazine, which includes the Directory of Festivals, Schools and Workshops. It’s an excellent magazine and a great way to stay in touch with current trends in chamber music. Subscribing to Chamber Music Magazine is also a manner of supporting America’s premiere service organization for people in the professional chamber music field.

Subscribe to Chamber Music Magazine: $35 a year



Purchase the Spring 2022 Issue (including the Directory of Festivals, Workshops and Schools): $20


NOTE: For both the full magazine subscription and the purchase of the Spring issue, there is a $15 surcharge for postage to Canada and Mexico and $20 surcharge for postage to other international destinations

If you would like to receive the Spring issue (either alone or as part of your full subscription), you must order it or subscribe to the magazine by March 21, 2022

I hope that many of you will take advantage of this new opportunity, and here’s to many great connections between CMA and ACMP in the years to come!