The Chamber Music Network

Cubertou Elementary & Intermediate Wind Chamber Music

25 July, 2020 to 1 August, 2020
Ad Hoc session in the meadow 2017

The Elementary/Intermediate week is aimed at players from Grade 3 to Grade 8 standard. The week will focus on improving your chamber music skills and encouraging confidence in small ensemble playing. There will be daily warm up sessions which focus on skills needed to play chamber music and coached small ensemble sessions. Groups will be allocated as far as possible in like/similar graded ensembles. Time will be made for DIY ensembles and individual practice. The week will end with an informal performance of music worked on during the week. This will be a sharing of music with the aim of each participant improving their chamber music skills via own personal goals during the week.

Tutors: Sarah Watts, Miles Hewitt and Liz cutts.

This course and the Cubertou 2020 Advanced Wind Chamber Week are now run by Raasay Music Courses.