The Chamber Music Network

Encontro de Camara Floriparte

14 August, 2021 to 29 August, 2021
Rehearsal at Encontro de Camara Floriparte 2020
Rehearsal at Encontro de Camara Floriparte 2020

Encontro de Camara Floriparte 2021 will be a two-week chamber music workshop open to ensembles and players of all ages. Although based in Florianopolis, its first edition attracted more than 40 people from all over Brazil and abroad. In the 2021 edition, players will be assisted by 6 coaches in rehearsals held both online and in-person (as conditions allow). Most of the rehearsals will be open so that participants can watch and learn from each others’ sessions. There will be plenty of opportunities for players to interact as well as lecture-talks on chamber music, workshop’s repertoire, body awareness and posture, and a chamber music for kids mini-workshop.