The Chamber Music Network

MusikSommerKurs 2020

30 August, 2020 to 4 September, 2020
Kammermusikgruppen gesucht

The MusikSommerKurs 2020 is aimed at musically interested young people between 11 and 18 years old. Invited are existing ensembles or individual participants, who are assembled in advance by the lecturers into suitable groups, e.g. Violin-piano, string trio, piano trio or string quartet. During the course each ensemble composes several chamber music works under the direction of experienced lecturers. Also part of the course program are daily private lessons, piano four- or six-handed, auditioning, music theory workshops and workshops on posture training under the guidance of a physiotherapist. The MusikSommerKurs ends with a final concert of all participants. The chamber music works are proposed by the lecturers or can be chosen by the participants themselves. The preparation of the works is expected before the beginning of the course in instrumental lessons. A pedagogical supervisor leads a sports and leisure program during the lesson period. The number of participants is limited to a total of 24.