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Format: 2023
Format: 2023
Titelsort descending Komponist Difficulty Ensemble
10 Praeludien, Op.1 Friedrich Samuel Riegel 3.0 Org
10 Preludes Gustav Adolf Merkel 3.0 Org
10 Preludes Sergei Rachmaninoff 3.0 Pf
10 Preludes Theodore Akimenko 3.0 Pf
10 Preludes for Organ based on Plainsong Kyries Joseph Waddell Clokey 3.0 Org
10 Preludes, Op.33 Sergei Bortkiewicz 3.0 Pf
10 Rhapsodie Etudes, Op.42 Joseph Holbrooke 3.0 Pf
10 Romances Sergey Taneyev 3.0 Pf, V
10 secular songs Johannes Lupi 3.0 Ch
10 Settings from the Obikhod Anatoly Lyadov 3.0 Ch
10 Shakespeare Sonnets, Op.45 Mikhail Ippolitov-Ivanov 3.0 Pf, V
10 Silhouetten, Op.60 Hugo Reinhold 3.0 Pf
10 Sketches for Strings Nikolaos Skalkottas 3.0 Str
10 Solos a Flauto Traverso & Violoncello Martin Ræhs 3.0 Fl, Vc
10 Sonatas Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber 3.0
10 Sonatas Gaetano Furloni 3.0 Bc, Vn, Vn
10 Sonatas Pietro Antonio Locatelli 3.0 Bc, Vn
10 Sonatas Jean Baptiste Senaillé 3.0 Bc, Vn
10 Sonatas for 2 Violins and Continuo Gottfried Finger 3.0 Bc, Vn, Vn
10 Sonatas for Harpsichord Giovanni Battista Pescetti 3.0 Hpd
10 Sonatas for the Harpsichord, Organ or Piano Forte John Burton 3.0 Hpd
10 Sonatas in Four Parts Henry Purcell 3.0 Bc, Vn, Vn
10 Sonatas, Op.1 Bertin Quentin 3.0 Bc, Vn
10 Sonate da Camera, Op.2 Giovanni Battista Reali 3.0 Bc, Vn
10 Sonatinas Fritz Spindler 3.0 Pf
10 Sonatines progressives Anton Schmoll 3.0 Pf
10 Songs Helena Munktell 3.0 Pf, V
10 Songs Wilhelm Peterson-Berger 3.0 Ch
10 Songs Grace Wassall 3.0 Pf, V
10 Songs Richard Stöhr 3.0 Pf, V
10 Songs and a Cantata Richard Langdon 3.0 Bc, Fl, Fl, VV, VV, Va, Vn, Vn
10 Songs, Op.29 Agathe Backer-Grøndahl 3.0 Pf, V
10 Songs, Op.31 Agathe Backer-Grøndahl 3.0 Pf, V
10 Songs. English Text and Piano Accompaniment (Arranged From the Figured Bass) by Arthur Somervell. George Frideric Handel 3.0 Pf, V
10 Stücke Christian Sinding 3.0 Pf
10 Stücke für die Orgel, Op.69 Max Reger 3.0 Org
10 Studies in Duos for 2 Violins Alessandro Rolla 3.0 Vn, Vn
10 Studies or Caprices for Violin, Op.9 Charles-Auguste de Bériot 3.0 Vn
10 Sub tuum praesidium Jan Dismas Zelenka 3.0 Alt, Bass, Bc, Sop, Ten
10 Toccate per Organo Michelangelo Rossi 3.0 Hpd
10 Tonstücke Lizette Emma Orth 3.0 Pf
10 Transcriptions from Weber's 'Oberon', 'Der Freischütz', and 'Euryanthe', Op.19 Adolf von Henselt 3.0 Pf
10 Trio Sonatas Carolo 3.0 Bc, Viol, Viol
10 Trio Sonatas Giuseppe Antonio Vincenzo Aldrovandini 3.0 Bc, Vc, Vn, Vn
10 Trio Sonatas, Op.7 Willem de Fesch 3.0 Bc, Fl, Fl
10 Trios Ludwig Ebner 3.0 Org
10 Trios for organ (in 2 volumes) Josef Gabriel Rheinberger 3.0 Org
10 Valses melancoliques Stephan Beneking 3.0 Pf
10 Variationen über ein Thema von G. Fr. Händel, Op.6 Eusebius Mandyczewski 3.0 Pf
10 Variations for Cello and Guitar Antoine Schiker 3.0 Gtr, Vc