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Titel Komponist Difficultysort ascending Ensemble
Middelalderlig / Medieval Peter Erasmus Lange-Müller 3.0 Orch, VV
Midi Wilhelm von Lenz 3.0 Pf
Midinette Eduard Schütt 3.0 Pf, Vn
Midnight Rutland Boughton 3.0 Ch, Orch
Midnight Chimes Albert Lindahl 3.0 Pf
Midnight Love Suite Felix Firmiana Wot 3.0 Pf
Midnyte Majik Clyde Thomas Rollins 3.0
MidsommarvakaMidsummer Vigil Hugo Alfvén 3.0 Orch
Midsummer Caprice Edward F. Johnston 3.0 Org
Midsummer Dance for Violin and Piano, Op.18 Tor Aulin 3.0 Pf, Vn
Midsummer Days Leonard Butler 3.0 Pf
Midsummer Eve Play, CNW 13 Carl Nielsen 3.0 Bar, CCh, Ch, Orch
Midsummer Song Frederick Delius 3.0 Ch
Midtsommer serenade Erika Bodom 3.0 Pf
Midvinter Wilhelm Stenhammar 3.0 Ch, Orch
Mie pecorelle l'erbe novelle Benedetto Marcello 3.0 Sop
Miei pensieri non potete Emanuele Astorga 3.0 Bc, Sop
Mientras tanto... Nicholas Ruaimi 3.0 Pf
Miese Zeiten Willy Rosen 3.0 Pf, V
Miete bezahlen, Op.30 No.19 Víctor Alberto Alario Del Río 3.0 Bass
Miettes musicales pour piano Charles Lecocq 3.0 Pf
Mıf Mıf Hakan Ali Toker 3.0 Pf
Migalhas, notas de literatura e pedagogia do piano Luigi Chiaffarelli 3.0
Mighty lak’ a rose Ethelbert Nevin 3.0 Pf, V
Mignon Ramon Aquabella 3.0 Pf
Mignon Charles Gounod 3.0 Pf, V
Mignon Ambroise Thomas 3.0 Ch, Orch, VV
Mignon Franz Schubert 3.0 Pf, V
Mignon Louis H. Meyer 3.0 Pf
Mignon (2 fragments), D.469 Franz Schubert 3.0 Pf, V
Mignon II, D.727 Franz Schubert 3.0 Pf, V
Mignon's Gesang, D.321 Franz Schubert 3.0 Pf, V
Mignon's Lied Carl Friedrich Zelter 3.0 Pf, V
Mignon, opéra de Ambroise Thomas. Deux petites fantaisies. Henri Valiquet 3.0 Pf
Mignon, opéra de Ambroise Thomas. Fantaisie-transcription. Charles Neustedt 3.0 Pf
Mignon, opéra de Ambroise Thomas. Polka-mazurka. Philippe Stutz 3.0 Pf
Mignon-polonaise Ferdinand Beyer 3.0 Pf
Mignonette Armin Schotte 3.0 Pf
Mignonettes Józef Hofmann 3.0 Pf
Mignonne Giulio Alary 3.0 Pf, V
Mignonne Max Arham 3.0 Pf, V
Mignonne Cécile Chaminade 3.0 Pf, V
Mignonne Ernest Guiraud 3.0 Pf, V
Mignonne Victor Massé 3.0 Pf, V
Mignonne Edmond Michotte 3.0 Pf, V
Mignonne Franz Servais 3.0 Pf, V
Mignonne Richard Wagner 3.0 Pf, V
Mignonne ... Alexandre Dethou 3.0 Pf, V
Mignonne allons voir Emanuel Moór 3.0 Pf, V
Mignonne, allon voir si la roze Guillaume Costeley 3.0 Ch