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Format: 2023
Format: 2023
Titelsort descending Komponist Difficulty Ensemble
John Bennett 3.0 Org
Thomas Crecquillon 3.0 VV, VV, VV, VV
Michel Allard 3.0
Giuseppe Martucci 3.0 Pf
Arthur Honegger 3.0 Org
Mathilde Marchesi 3.0 Pf, Sop
Peter Philips 3.0 Org
Giovanni Battista Lamperti 3.0 Sop
Leopoldo Miguez 3.0 Pf
Pauline Viardot 3.0 Pf, V
Giuseppe Martucci 3.0 Pf
Christian Heinrich Rinck 3.0 Org
Edwin Henry Lemare 3.0 Org
Henrique Oswald 3.0 Pf
Aitor Merino Martínez 3.0 Pf
Bernardo Storace 3.0 Hpd
Kristian Oma Rønnes 3.0 Bn, Orch
Uwe Warneke 3.0 Gtr
Giuseppe Martucci 3.0 Pf
Johann Pachelbel 3.0 Org
Johann Pachelbel 3.0 Org
Óscar Garrido de la Rosa 3.0 Mar, Mar
Uwe Warneke 3.0 Gtr
Émile Cousin 3.0 Vn
Andreas Hammerschmidt 3.0 Bc, VV
Thomas O'Brien Butler 3.0 Pf, Vn
Mauro Giuliani 3.0 Gtr
Arthur Sullivan 3.0 Ch, Pf
Elias Parish-Alvars 3.0 Hp, Orch
Charles d' Albert 3.0 Pf
Hermann Thorbecke 3.0 Pf4h
Philip Loots 3.0 Ch, Orch
William Shakespeare Hays 3.0 Pf, V
Frank Edwin Ward 3.0 Ch
Lukas Florczak 3.0 Va, Vc, Vn, Vn
Jürgen Noll 3.0 Pf
Alain M. Jacques 3.0 Gtr, V
Onorato Costa 3.0 Gtr
Lorenz Schneider 3.0 Pf, V
!0 Orgelstücke, Op.1 Franz Köstner 3.0 Org
"Komm, gehet und eilet" Johann Sebastian Bach 3.0 Alt, Bass, Bc, Ch, Orch, Sop, Ten
"Denn du wirst meine Seele" Marco Mulzer 3.0 Bass, Ch, Orch
"Do Not Expostulate" Iosif Genishta 3.0 Pf, V
"Ewig dein!" - Salonstück Max Reger 3.0 Pf
"J. J. Rousseau's Dream", Air With Variations Matteo Carcassi 3.0 Gtr
"Marsz żałobny" Michał Kleofas Ogiński 3.0 Pf
"Premonitions", six sketches for voice and piano using texts by Zinaida Gippius Nikolay Myaskovsky 3.0 Pf, V
"Sacred Tunes and Hymns" Containing a Special Collection of a Very High Order of Standard Sacred Tunes and Hymns, Novel and Newly Arranged. Nothing like it on the market. Various 3.0 VV, VV, VV, VV
"The book of dice" poem by Alberto Blanco, music by Salvador Torré Salvador Torre 3.0 Elec, Nar
"The Days of Youth", twelve romances for voice and piano using texts by K. Balmont Nikolay Myaskovsky 3.0 Pf, V