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Arts Council England Announces Broader Focus for Arts Funding

10 July, 2017

Arts Council England has announced a plan to increase funding for the arts across the country, with £170 million more go

Historic Bassoon Brings Two Generations of Musicians Together for a Special Concert in Palo Alto

7 July, 2017

Much like a Stradivarius is to the violin world, a Heckel is considered one of the gold standards in bassoons.

8 ways for violinists to improve posture - from The Strad

6 July, 2017

The Strad has compiled eight tips from its pages which give "advice for violinists on establishing a relaxed and stable posture for optimal performance, and avoiding strain and inj

New York String Studio shares Tips and Treats video series

1 July, 2017

Professional violist Nick Revel and his wife Nora Krohn of the NY Strings Studio have shared their series of short tips videos for string

New ACMP Partnership Brings ACMP Players to Community in Queens, NY

28 June, 2017

ACMP members were among the performers at the first collaborative Chamber Music Recital in the sun-filled Celebration Room at the Center at Maple Grove Cemetery, Kew Gardens, New York, on Saturday,

Love at First Note - why players chose their instruments

14 June, 2017

(From the spring/summer ACMP newsletter)

Inaugural Concert - ACMP Villa Musica Chamber Music Club, San Diego, CA

13 June, 2017

All are invited to the inaugural performance of the ACMP Villa Musica Chamber Music Club on Sunday afternoon July 9th from 2:30 – 4:00pm at Villa Musica, 10373 Roselle Street, Suite 170,  San Diego

Legendary violinist Kyung Wha Chung’s top tips for musicians

5 May, 2017

The Korean violinist Kyung Wha Chung is one of the biggest names in classical music so ClassicFM asked her to share some pearls of wisdom for fellow musicians.

Take a bow: Australian Chamber Orchestra's 400-year-old cello to make its debut

5 May, 2017

When Timo-Veikko "Tipi" Valve takes the stage in Wollongong on Friday night, he will do so holding a cello made 400 years ago by one of Italy's greatest luthiers.

ACMP Foundation Announces the Return of the Community Music Program

24 March, 2017

Associated Chamber Music Players (ACMP) announces the return of the ACMP Foundation’s largest grant program, the Community Music program.

2017 Worldwide Chamber Music Workshop Guide

21 March, 2017

The ACMP 2017 Worldwide Chamber Music Workshop Guide, the definitive guide to chamber music workshops for amateur players, is now available for ACMP members.

2017 Worldwide Play-In Brings Players Together Across the Globe

10 March, 2017

During the weekend of March 4 & 5, 2017, chamber music players everywhere got out their instruments, reached out to players in their area, and explored chamber music for whatever forces showed