The Chamber Music Network

70 Years of ACMP - A Nod to Our Founder, Helen B. Rice

For the past 70 years, ACMP has helped people who love chamber music connect to share and play music together worldwide. What started as a small group of enthusiasts with violinst Helen Rice at its center grew to an international network of 6,000+ players. 70 years later, Helen Rice's legacy plays on as ACMP continues to build and serve a network of adult amateur players worldwide while also supporting chamber music education programs for adult amateur players and underserved young musicians in community-based settings through the ACMP Foundation. 

To celebrate Helen Rice's legacy, we have made excerpts of Rustin McIntosh's book, Helen Rice, The Great Lady of Chamber Music, available on this website. McIntosh paints a picture of Helen Rice's and her world, one in which playing chamber music together and building community were at its core. These core values continue today as we continue to embrace and serve diverse chamber music players in the broadest possible way.

We will be adding more photos and stories from the Helen Rice archive throughout the rest of our anniversary year.

Click here to read excerpts from Helen Rice, The Great Lady of Chamber Music.