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ACMP Sponsors FROM THE TOP with Christopher O'Riley

ACMP is thrilled to announce sponsorship of From the Top (FTT), America's national platform celebrating classically trained young musicians.

The $10,000 grant will support the performances of chamber groups on two episodes of NPR's From the Top with Host Christopher O'Riley, the weekly public radio showcase of talented young classically-trained musicians. 

The first ACMP Young Chamber Ensemble performed on October 1, 2017, in a recording at New England Conservatory's Jordan Hall in Boston. Trio Giocoso, a piano trio of 12-year-old musicians Eleanor Markey (violin), Oan Woo Park (cello), and Hyeonuk Park (piano) was formed at NEC's Preparatory School and is coached by Laura Blustein. The young musicians thrilled audiences on Oct 1 with a lively performance of the fourth movement of the Piano Trio in E-flat major Op. 1, No. 1 by Ludwig van Beethoven.

"Chamber music is a vital part of what we do at From the Top, and we are grateful for the support of ACMP," said Jennifer Hurley-Wales, co-CEO and Executive Producer. "We are particularly delighted that our first Young Chamber Ensemble is made up of very young musicians. It shows that chamber music can be enjoyed and practiced by musicians of all ages." 

The show will air the first week of January 2018. If are not already regular FTT listeners, you can find out your local station, day, and time by looking at the NPR carriage list at

The show will also be available for podcast download at and streaming on the FTT website at as of January 1, 2018.

Click here to read From the Top press release.


 Left: ACMP Board Members Gwendoline Thornblade and Laura Goldberg; ACMP Executive Director Jennifer Clarke, with Trio Giocoso, Oan Woo Park, Eleanor Markey and Hyeonuk Park; Center: Trio Giocoso: Eleanor Markey, violin; Hyeonuk Park, piano; Oan Woo Park, cello. Right: Host Christopher O'Riley with Trio Giocoso.