The Chamber Music Network

Maplewood Chamber Music Workshop (formerly Stirling Strings)

25 September, 2021 to 11 December, 2021
Come play great music with great people and get great coaching!

The workshop meets 4 Saturday afternoons about one month apart.  This allows excellence to be approached since there is ample time between meetings for individual practice,  consultation with teachers and colleagues, and improvement.  Groups can come preformed or individuals are placed with others of similar level.  Each group is coached by professional musicians for half of the time on each day and works on its own for the remainder. There is a break in the middle of the afternoon for refreshments and hobnobbing. At the end of each afternoon there is a half-hour presentation of one kind or another geared to be of interest to the participants, perhaps a performance with professionals or a demonstration by an instrument builder or a brief lecture by a music historian.  At the final workshop of each session there is an opportunity for the groups to perform their pieces.

Four sessions will take place in spring 2020 with more to follow in the fall. All workshops are 2 - 5 pm. Spring dates are:


Jan 25,  

Febr 29,  

March 21,  

April 18