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La Pellegrina: Play Chamber Music with the Kinsky Trio & Friends

16 July, 2022 to 24 July, 2022

For strings, winds and pianists; also for existing chamber music ensembles In the conservatoire of České Budějovice, with good grand pianos and professional workspaces Intensive coaching (also in the form of a teacher who plays a part) by the members of the Kinsky Trio Prague: Lucie Sedláková Hůlová (violin), Martin Sedlák (cello) and Veronika Böhmová (piano). Other tutors include Pavel Hůla (violin), Jan Nykrýn (viola) and Ludmila Peterková (clarinet) More chamber music specialists will join the faculty if the number of participants allows it Everyone plays in two ensembles, with either a professional chamber musician playing in the ensemble or a full-time coach; one ensemble can be pre-formed. Existing ensembles welcome.