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New addition to the ACMP Home Coaching Grants Program

We have been thrilled over this past year at the amount of interest and use of the home coaching grant program. Many have used it for the first time and others continue to extract great value from it. We wanted to take the time to go over how it works for newer members and announce a new exciting addition to the program.

The Home Coaching program encourages musicians, particularly those who meet regularly as an ensemble, to engage a professional coach to gain musical insight, develop efficient rehearsal skills and exchange musical ideas. ACMP helps by providing up to 50% of the coach's fee. Each ensemble has a total of $300 dollars they can use each year and must meet the following criteria:

  • Ensemble members must all be ACMP members.
  • Applications must be submitted at least three weeks prior to the coaching session.
  • Applications for coaching’s that have already take place will not be supported.


To enable more high-level learning and coaching across geographic boundaries, ACMP will start accepting applications for virtual coaching - sessions that take place via Skype, Facetime, Google Hangouts or another videoconferencing service. For this program, ensembles can work with a coach in a different city and connect for their coaching session online. Ensemble members need to be in the same room as each other and have a good Internet connection and audio capability (microphone and speakers). All other Home Coaching grant conditions remain the same.


FAQ about the original Home Coaching program and the new Virtual Coaching program


How early can we apply?

You can submit an application up to six months before the date of the first coaching session.

What is the accepted size of the ensemble?

Between two and ten players without a conductor.

Can I apply for a grant if a different ensemble I belong to has already received Home Coaching grants up to the $300 limit?

Yes, if it is a substantially different ensemble, for example, if one application is for a trio and one is for a quintet and a majority of the players in each ensemble are different.

What if the session is less than three weeks away?

This application will not be eligible. We only support application received more than three weeks before the coaching.

The Guidelines state that I can receive $300 in a year. What is the timeframe for grants?

The timeframe is the ACMP fiscal year running Aug 1 to July 31.

What happens if one of my ensemble members is a lapsed ACMP member?

To be eligible for a grant, all participants must be current members of ACMP at the time the application and the coaching session.

Do I have to use the coaches listed on the ACMP website or can I find my own coach?

You may find your own coach. The list of virtual coaches and our full searchable coaches database are provided as a resource to help you on your search.

Do you have any advice on using Skype, Facetime, or another videoconferencing services.

Talk with your coach to figure out the best videoconferencing service for your needs. It might be worth investing in a microphone and/or web camera to help with the overall quality of the session. Remember that a strong internet connection is critical.


If you have any additonal questions or concerns please e-mail Joseph Brock at