The Chamber Music Network

ACMP Representatives Gather in the Netherlands

On October 15, members of ACMP's International Ambassadors Council (IAC) along with ACMP Executive Director Jennifer Clarke, arrived in the Netherlands for a three-day mini-retreat. IAC Chair and ACMP Board Member Henri van den Hombergh (Vn, Nijmegen, Netherlands), welcomed representatives from nine countries to the event. The retreat took place at Akoesticum, a training center for music, dance and theatre located in Ede, less than an hour from Amsterdam. IAC members spent days sharing international chamber music perspectives and discussed ways to strengthen ACMP’s impact on the international chamber music landscape and to build deeper relationships with local chamber music communities. Evenings were a time to play great chamber music together. 


Top left to right: Ariana Rohrer (Va/Vn, Switzerland) and Henri van den Hombergh (IAC Chair, Vn, Netherlands); group convening and discussion; Henri and Jennifer Clarke, Executive Director (Voice, NY) at opening session; Andy Baruch (Vc, UK), Stephane Fauth (Va, France), and Ariana Rohrer; Michael Knoch (Fl, Germany); IAC strings; Eduardo Guitierrez Rivas (Vn, Spain), Floryse Bel Bennett (Vn, Switzerland) and Stephan Brandel (Vn, China); Jennifer and Marjana Rutkowski (Vc, Brazil) during a trip to the Arnem Open Air Museum; Jennifer and Jean Carol (Vc, Switzerland); Bas Van Ouwerkerk (Vc, Netherlands) and Marjana Rutkowski.