The Chamber Music Network
Executive Director Stephanie Griffin
Photo by Mitch Loch

ACMP appoints Stephanie Griffin as Executive Director

ACMP is thrilled to announce the appointment of Stephanie Griffin as our new Executive Director.  Stephanie is a founding member of the award-winning Momenta Quartet and is principal violist of the Princeton Symphony Orchestra.  As a professional musician, she has been deeply involved with chamber music since completing her DMA at Juilliard in 2003.

Regarding ACMP, Stephanie told us, “Your mission of connecting people of all backgrounds and levels of experience through the pursuit of music for pleasure resonates deeply with my core values. As an educator, teaching both privately and at Brooklyn and Hunter Colleges, I have worked with musicians of all levels, including adult amateurs. Amateur chamber musicians are at the heart of what keeps classical music alive. They love playing music. While I have made my living primarily as a performer, I have always loved getting together with professional and amateur musicians alike to play for the sheer joy of music. I believe in what your organization does, and I am confident that my experience and ideas will help you make an even more substantial impact on the communities you serve, support your mission and expand your membership.”

Stephanie brings tremendous energy, enthusiasm and imagination to ACMP.  She passionately shares our mission of playing chamber music for pleasure.  With her extensive experience in fund-raising, organizing events and connecting people,  I am confident she will be a splendid leader for us.  I think you will all enjoy getting to know her and I encourage you to be in touch with her to welcome her and to share any ideas you have for our future.  Her email address is