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ACMP Member Home devastated in Colorado Fire

Shieko Uno, an avid chamber musician and ACMP member has fallen victim to the December 30, 2021 Colorado Marshall Fire.   It would be considered the most destructive fire in Colorado’s history.

Photos of Shieko's home sitePhotos of Shieko's home site

With over 100 mph winds, residents had to leave their homes immediately, some having only the clothes on their backs.   The fire spread so fast many could not get back home to retrieve any of the personal belongings.

Shieko's Bösendorfer Grand Piano

The losses were massive.   It was quite disheartening as many of our fellow musicians not only lost their homes, but they lost their instruments, music, and other related musical treasures.

Many of the Colorado ACMP musicians had/have the fortune of playing with Shieko in a variety of capacities.   Whether it was a performance, play-ins, or just the sheer enjoyment of getting together for fun, Shieko is always a willing participant.  

ACMP March Play In

Shieko was always present at the annual Chamber Music Barn Concert, which is a benefit concert for the local non-profits and filled with many ACMP musicians.  And when time for the annual March ACMP Play In, one could always count on Shieko to be in attendance.

Shieko at the Barn Concert with nephew Devon and ACMP members Lee Smith (violin), Harriette Einolf (viola), and Nancy Price (cello).

In addition, with other benefit concerts for some significant cause, one knew Shieko would be willing to volunteer her artistry to the event.

Fundraiser to assist Colorado non-profit music programs with ACMP members Lee Smith (violin) and Don Perkins (cello)

Many of us would cherish playing at Shieko’s with her Bösendorfer Grand.  In addition to her grand, she also lost other pianos and instruments that she used for teaching, which is her source of income.  And because she was not at home when the fire started, all her music was lost in the fire, including digital versions on her computer, laptop, and hard drives.

Currently there is a GoFundMe page set up for Shieko should you desire to help this wonderful musician.

Hopefully eventually life will return to happier times for Shieko and be allowed once again to nurture our young musicians.

Shieko with young musicians at a community event to promote learning about musical instruments

We know it will be a long journey for Shieko, but we also know it is music and the camaraderie of musicians that brightens up even the gloomiest of days.