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Inside Music Academy

28 June, 2021 to 2 July, 2021
Inside Music Academy

Adult Amateurs, Adult Learners, Adult Musicians.

You played as a kid, you learned as an adult, you are passionate, creative, searching for continued fulfillment and enrichment. Your chosen career is not music, but your heart is in music - and at Inside Music Academy, you have found a home. This is a safe place for us to all be together - to learn from one another and from leading teachers who are kind, exacting, and who have the experience and creativity to reach students through online platforms. Enjoy Rise-and-Shine Warmups, daily performance classes, group lunch, buddy practice, Nanoconcerts, and a wide range of electives from podcasting, conducting 101, composition and much more. Open to strings and piano. Simply choose College+ level at registration. We are here, inside, and together. Keep your eye out for our new fall 2021 course offerings - a guided book-club with interactive content and fun inside tours of composer’s houses, as well as chamber music and ear training courses.