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Wyoda Chamber Music - Week Two

29 August, 2020 to 5 September, 2020
Wyoda Chamber Musicians
Wyoda Chamber Musicians

Our 56th year! Chamber music by the lake, musical growth, fabulous coaching, camp fun, camaraderie, new and old friends, natural beauty, lobster night, outdoor activities, nightly parties and more. Most people come for one week and there may be some half week slots available too. 7 quartets and one pianist. Groups rotate every session. We work on the suggested pieces in the morning and coaches help us improve our chamber playing. In the evenings coaches join in the groups and we have fun and often intense reading sessions.

Over the course of the week you will have 9 hours of rehearsal and coaching on one movement. This unique opportunity to work intensively on one movement with several different coaches, play in the afternoon masterclass and perform in the final concert leads to breakthroughs and everyone playing their best at Wyoda. The environment is supportive, encouraging and non competitive. Wyoda is best for people who like nature and a rustic setting, want to keep growing and learning, like good coffee and a fun week with like-minded musicians and superb coaches.