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Supporting Chamber Music Programs and Institutions

The ACMP Foundation awards grants to foster the playing of chamber music for people of all ages and skill levels. Since its founding in 1993, the ACMP Foundation has awarded over 3,000 grants totaling over $4 million dollars for ongoing programs and special projects around the world that promote participatory chamber music activities - defined as small ensemble work. We do not support chamber orchestras. ACMP grant recipients include workshop presenters, nonprofit organizations, regional and national institutions, individuals, and ensembles. All ACMP's grant programs, including Home Coaching, are available for all eligible applicants worldwide. The ACMP Foundation does not require non-profit/charity status for grantees (501c3 in the U.S.).

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Chamber Music Workshops

Chamber Music Workshops Grants are awarded to non-profit organizations and others that present workshops for adult amateur chamber music players worldwide. Grants are provided to subsidize coaches' salaries, to reduce registration fees for participants, and to provide scholarships. The maximum grant request is $2,500. ACMP does not support more than 50% of project costs. At this time the Chamber Music Workshop Grants are being reconfigured to meet the challenges of today's climate.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the coronavirus outbreak and the restrictions on travel and gathering, applications for online chamber music activities will be considered. Contact with any questions.


Community Music Grants

Community Music is the largest of ACMP's Grant Programs. Awards support the continuing learning and instruction in chamber music primarily for young musicians through community-based programs. This funding often makes it possible for students to experience chamber music for the first time and for adult players to continue playing and learning. ACMP relaunched the Community Music program in spring 2017 after a hiatus. The next deadline is pending. The maximum grant request is $2,500. ACMP does not support more than 50% of project costs. Late applications will not be reviewed or considered for funding. 

Click here for guidelines. Click here to begin an application. Note that the application requires applicants to use the separate ACMP budget form, which you can download on the application page, complete and upload before you submit your application. 

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As a general guide, Chamber Music Workshop grants are primarily provided for chamber music workshops for adult amateurs while Community Music grants are provided for community-based chamber music programs for young musicians and others. If, because of project timing, a Workshop Grant application is received for a program that is not for adult amateurs, it must be for a program of 6 weeks or less duration and must comprise primarily of coaching and playing in chamber music in order to be eligible.


Home Coaching

The Home Coaching program encourages musicians who meet regularly as a group to engage a professional coach in order to gain musical insight, develop efficient rehearsal skills and exchange musical ideas. ACMP provides up to 50% of the coach's fee. Ensemble members must all be ACMP members. Applications must be submitted at least three weeks prior to the coaching session. Applications for coachings that have already take place will not be supported.

Starting August 1, 2019, ACMP will support applications for virtual coaching - sessions that take place via Skype, Facetime, or another videoconferencing service. For this program, ensembles can work with a coach in a different city and connect for their coaching session online. Ensemble members need to be in the same room as each other and have a good Internet connection and audio capability (microphone and speakers). All grant conditions remain the same. See a list of virtual coaches here - note that you can also find your own coach.

A recent Home Coaching grant recipient said:

"We spent a wonderful afternoon working with David Balakrishnan yesterday. David not only helped us with his arrangement of Bernstein "Cool" but also taught a number of stylistic bowing techniques and some jazz theory. The grant was wonderful as not all of us have high power jobs and our cellist incurred travel expenses for both herself and her cello. Thank you again for this great program."  San Carlos, CA.

See our searchable list of coaches here (inclusion on this list does not imply any endorsement by ACMP). 

Click here for guidelines. Log in and click here to apply or click here for the printable form (fill in completely and mail to the ACMP office) 

Click here for coach invoice form PDF, here for invoice form in Word, and here for W-9 form for coaches (coaches outside of the U.S. do not need to submit a W-9 form).


Just Play Space Grants

ACMP awards micro-grants to adult amateur ensembles presenting chamber music concerts in their communities,. The purpose of the grant is to create opportunities for ACMP members and their fellow amateur chamber musicians to showcase work they have rehearsed and prepared in contrast to the play-in experience.

Feedback from a Just Play grantee:

"Our concert was last weekend and we had over 200 in the audience. The Saint-Saens Septet was our finale and was met with an instant standing ovation and a solid 30 seconds of applause. Thank you again for awarding us an ACMP Just Play micro-grant." Brockton, MA

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Awards & Sponsorship

The Susan McIntosh Lloyd Award  for excellence and diversity in chamber music education is given annually to a music education organization. Recent recipients of the $1,000 award include The Portland String Quartet (2020); The Del Sol Quartet (2019); The Chamber Music Center of New York City (2018); The Preucil School of Music, Iowa City, IA (2017); and The Sphinx Organization, Detroit, MI (2016). These are one-time awards and are not renewable. Applications are not accepted.

From 2017 - 2020, ACMP sponsored the From the Top ACMP Young Chamber Ensemble Program, supporting two young musician ensembles each season.


NOTE: ACMP does not provide funding for the following: individual or group lessons in instrumental technique; choral or orchestral programs or performances; guest artist performances or travel; activities intended for audience development; general administration; or fundraising events. Previous support does not guarantee ongoing funding.

Please note that grantees are required to include the following credit along with the ACMP logo (no awards will be made without the logo and full credit):

This program/event/workshop is supported by ACMP - Associated Chamber Music Players. ACMP is a worldwide membership organization that supports the playing of chamber music for pleasure among musicians of all ages, skill levels, and backgrounds.

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